About me...

I am a home builder who has been in the construction industry for around 25 years.  I have been helping people find solutions to home improvement problems since I began. Originally a finish carpenter, I was promoted to site foreman within a few years. Having done many of the trades commercially after that, I decided to acquire my GC license in 1991. 

It has been a great journey that has lead me here to San Fernando Valley, where I have been working on a custom home in Studio City.

I have also worked exclusively for several years as an electrical contractor.

My hobbies and interests include many forms of technology, including home automation, IP camera security, audio processing and engineering, music composition, and human nano/biotech.

I enjoy all facets of home improvement, from the planning and development stage through the construction and ultimately fine tuning of the finished product.

If you have a bit of time, read my blog to get a better feel of my thoughts on construction and hopefully some useful advice!