Dec 8, 2012

Preparing for your remodel or new home project - can a decorator help?

I think one of the biggest advantages experienced remodelers have is the hard lessons they undoubtedly learned from previous remodeling ventures.  Trying to explain to someone that they have to do their homework ahead of time can be difficult when they think there is "plenty of time" to do those things later.

Also making decisions - like what type of floors and stone will go in the house  - seems like such a big decision that it is easy to want to postpone it to the last minute in the hope of finding the perfect fit or wanting to be in the partially finished room to "get the feel" of the space.

These are all valid arguments, especially for people who do not want to use a decorator.  

If you do choose a decorator, a good bit of advice is to pick one with enough experience to guide your choices, preferably one who has a track record of taking organized notes and coordinating with the contractors to stay on top of material tracking, project progress, etc.

If you try to do this yourself, be prepared to encounter delays due to the number of factors that simply cannot be anticipated by new remodelers.

A good decorator will not just help with the decorating.  They have gone to school to understand scheduling, room finish details, plumbing, cabinetry and tile work construction procedures as well as customer guidance and support.

The tricky part may be finding one that is the right fit for your taste and project criteria, but by arming yourself with lots of photo ideas you can compare your taste to their showbook and see if you are on the same design page.