Dec 8, 2012

The wonderful design assistance tool -

I posted about using a decorator, and I do think that they are extremely helpful for many reasons as I mentioned - but the best tool to get to a place where you are ready to talk to a design professional in my opinion is the website can be your friend when its time to focus on the style of your project.  Taking ideas from the million or so photos is a fairly simple process thanks to their organization scheme. This will prove indispensible in channeling your style concepts into a group of concrete photos that can be referred to when planning finishes as well as structural designs of your new home.

So again while it is a great place to view finishes and inspirational room touches, don't overlook it's potential to help give you innovative solutions to planning and layout, with unique room shapes and ceiling heights/soffit details, unusual bath arrangements, clever built-in storage/bookshelving, and so many other inspired "little touches" that make a home uniquely yours!

Its a great place to just browse when you have a minute to slip into your design planner mode.