Electrical work:

I was a licensed Electrical Contractor in Washington State from 2003-2011 and am currently licensed in California as a C-10 Electrical Contractor.

I currently have a promotion to meet new prospective clients that offers a discounted rate on electrical work as an introduction.  Feel free to have me stop by and help you with any remodeling planning as well as fix or upgrade any electrical issues!

Electrical fix-up ideas include:

  • Surround sound - now can be done wirelessly to a high level of success.  Although wired is still better :)
  • LED outside lighting saves a lot of money over time.
  • Three way (two locations) switches and dimmers are often easier to install than people think, or very easy to do now with the new wireless options.
  • Home automation through providers like Lutron (I hold Lutron certification) are now available for iPhone/Ipad remote control of many home details.