Studio City Remodel

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  • Just about every square inch of this backyard work area is packed with heavy duty structural concrete, pipework and, eventually, custom finishes.

  • Installing flagstone tiles so that they look like they all fit together accidentally - is no accident.

  • A curved stone stairway that opens helically from 4 to 5 feet in width required a bit of artisan finesse.

  • A bent red steel beam walkway cascades down to the pool mezzanine from the private master balcony, and doubles as a canopy for a spacious built-in stone and stainless BBQ area. Stucco lathing varies from ceiling to wall. I seem to be reflected in this shot :)

  • Trenches abound - snaked between heavy metal and concrete structures. Here we are viewing the pool deep end and the automatic cover vault, the 1 1/2" gas line, 3" sewer main for studio, 4" deck drain and structural retaining wall for pool as viewed from the observation deck.

  • Looking up the staircase at the "Twin Peaks" feature, as described by the architect Jon Brouse. Shower glass framework in progress.